Organic pork package

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Organic pork package
This pork package consists of various types of pork and you save 10%.

This pack consists of:

  • 1 kg rib chops (individually wrapped)
  • 1 kg loin chops (individually packaged)
  • 1 kg pork loin (2 x 500 gram)
  • 1 kg ham steaks (2 x 500 grammes)
  • 1 kg unbreaded pork schnitzels (packaged per 2, ± 300 grams per pack)

In total 5 kg from €85.15 for €76.60, so only €15.32 per kg! The package contains ± 50 meals for 2 people. That is €1,53 per person per meal! Tasty, organic pork does not have to be expensive.

Organic pork.

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