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Delivered at home throughout the Netherlands and Belgium

Simply order and have it delivered when you want it

Ordering meat online may be a bit strange when you first order, but we have been providing successfully throughout the Netherlands and Belgium for years. The grass-fed natural meat is immediately vacuum-packed and frozen by our natural butcher Léon after processing. The meat is frozen at a minimum of -20 degrees Celsius - by a parcel delivery person - delivered to your home.

How can you order?

Select which product you want in the webshop.
Chooses the product.
Click on “in shopping cart”: the product is in the shopping cart. Do you want more? Then press "in shopping cart" again or enter the desired quantity.
Do you want a different kind of meat? Then move your cursor up to the WEB SHOP heading. A pull-down menu will now appear. Choose the desired type here and you can continue shopping.
When you have finished shopping, click on the "shopping cart" at the top right and you will go to the checkout.

Choose your own delivery day and time
As a regular customer you can log in, so that your address details and the like can be used again. If you are a new customer, you have to fill in a number of fields and then register. We have the packages delivered by the PostNL parcel service. You can indicate when you want the package delivered. If you order before 24:00, the package can be shipped the next day. Delivery days for the Netherlands are Tuesday to Saturday. For Belgium this is Tuesday to Thursday and we only deliver during the day here. After ordering you will receive a Track & Trace code by email, containing the planned delivery time. This means you don't have to stare out the window all day long and wait for your order.


In addition to delivering to your home or work, you can also opt for PakjeGemak. PakjeGemak is a PostNL collection point near you. Think, for example, of your local supermarket or post office. So that the package can also be picked up after office hours. You can then pick up your order when it suits you. It's that easy!

How does PakjeGemak work?

When delivering, choose PakjeGemak and select the desired location in the pull-down menu under the button "pick up at PostNL location".
PostNL will send you an email when the package is ready for you at the pick-up location. As a rule, this is the next working day from 4 p.m.
When your order is present at the location you will automatically receive a message by e-mail. As a rule, this is from 4 p.m. Pay attention! Bring proof of identity with you to the pick-up location.

Do you need help with ordering? Call: 0611727228 or email Eugénie

Delivery charge

The costs of the delivery depend on your total order amount. There is no maximum weight for the order.

The Netherlands:

Orders between € 1 and € 75; contribution to the shipping costs € 14.95 *
Orders between € 75 and € 150; contribution to shipping costs 7.95 *
Orders above € 150; Free delivery*

Belgium and Zeelandic Flanders:

Orders between € 1 and € 75; contribution to the shipping costs € 18.95 *
Orders between € 75 and € 175; contribution to shipping costs 9.95 *
Orders above € 175 euros; Free delivery*

* Prices are for an order to one delivery address. Delivery costs for subsequent deliveries if you are not home at the agreed time are € 9.95

The order may deviate

The weight per product may differ from the weight stated in the webshop, but the total value of your order is always equal to or more than the amount paid. If the total amount is still lower or a product is not in stock, we will add an extra equivalent product to make the amount correct.

Please note there is dry ice in the package

The products in the insulation bag are kept at the correct temperature by adding a number of bags of dry ice. It is a very effective coolant and is widely used for this. Dry ice is non-toxic, it is solid carbon dioxide and has a temperature of –78.9 ºC. Dry ice changes directly from a solid to a gas, without becoming a liquid - hence the term "dry ice". This prevents the packaging from getting wet.
The amount of dry ice has been selected in such a way that the meat remains well frozen for at least 48 hours. In the unlikely event that the package is delayed by a day, it is still well frozen. The dry ice may already have disappeared when the package is delivered. That is harmless: the insulation keeps the meat frozen for a long time. You have to be careful with any residual dry ice.
To prevent contact with the dry ice, it is best to grab the packages - with enclosed glove - at a corner. This is because contact with the skin can lead to blisters or even burns. Place the ice cream outside the package and let it evaporate slowly. Never use this ice for consumption. Do not let children near it and don't play with it yourself!

Save and return insulation bags

We do not think it is environmentally friendly to use the insulation bags once, so we are going to reuse them. For this we have purchased a freepost number, which makes sending the bags free for you. And because the shipping amount is quite high for us, we would like to ask you to save the bags and return at least 3 items to us at a time.

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Is there something wrong?

If, despite everything, something still went wrong, we would of course like to hear about it. We will solve it for you. You can email Eugénie for this.

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