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Spelt bread
This bread is made of 50% spelt flour and 50% spelt flour, so 100% spelt. Spelt is characterised by its own unique flavour that is slightly "nutty". Spelt has a high nutritional value. People with cereal intolerance often react well to this bread.

Weight ±500 grams
Spelt bread costs €3.50 each.

Ingredients: spelt flour, spelt flour, Celtic sea salt, sourdough, acerola, water.

Bake the bread for 10 minutes at 200°C in the oven and enjoy the delicious smell of freshly baked bread. In this way, you always have fresh bread at home.

The bread is baked by Miss Baksel, a traditional baker.
Miss Baksel is run by a team of 3 bakers: Elize, Kimberly and Emma. It is a self-willed bakery that makes pure desiccated bread with organic unsprayed ingredients. Each traditional bread is handmade with passion and dedication.

At Miss Baksel, an old rye leaven is used as the basis for the sourdough breads. This forms the so-called 'slow dough' that needs about 32 to 48 hours to rise. Each bread has its own character. The natural (organic) ingredients necessary for baking are water, flour, salt and sourdough.

The flour is produced in cooperation with local farmers and a miller, thus guaranteeing high quality, that products are made fairly and responsibly and the ecological footprint remains as small as possible.

In the past, grain was mainly grown on the higher lying ashes. These older wheat varieties such as Spelt, One Wheat and Emmer are still cultivated on a small scale. Characteristics such as honesty, localness and naturalness have always been a requirement for our bread. The different grains used for baking also each have their own method of baking and preparation.

Miss Baksel started this project in 2020 with the passion to bake traditional bread. She also discovered this passion at Stichting Toolbox, a project that aims to help people with a distance to the labour market find a job again. What once started as a shared hobby has now grown into an actual bakery.

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