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Animal welfare at its best!

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Quality at the right price

By paying the right price for meat, you are not participating in the bio-industry. This allows farmers to farm in an animal and environmental friendly way. And the animals can be slaughtered in a respectful manner.

Exclusive and a unique piece of meat

In our organic butcher's shop, our butcher Léon is at the helm. We have a passion for the meat and process everything according to traditional methods. Because Léon is a cook, he looks at every piece of meat from the plate. This is unique and makes the quality TOP!

Our story

We are the best alternative for the bio-industry with our butcher's shop. Making a profit is not our goal, but a means to make the world a bit more beautiful. Our mission is to create social and sustainable added value.

Easily and quickly delivered to your home

You can easily order our meat online. Do you need some support in choosing the perfect piece of meat? Then please contact our butcher. Léon can tell you everything about every piece of natural meat.

100% quality guarantee

We think it is important to know from A to Z which way a piece of meat travels. We keep the chain small and have everything under our own control. We personally guarantee the animals and our meat. This is how we guarantee good quality.


Het assortiment van de Woeste Grond is uitgebreid. We hebben vlees van grasgevoerd rund, varken, schaap, kip en geschoten wild. Wij verzenden jouw bestelling diepgevroren bij je thuis in Nederland en België. *Vanaf €200

Are you looking for an online butcher to buy organic meat? Then the online butcher de Woeste Grond is the right place for you. You can come to us for the purchase of pork, mutton, fish, meat packets and even bones and organs can be found in our assortment. All the grass-fed natural meat in our range comes from 'free' animals. This means that the animals have not been given antibiotics and have had a free life. In order to ensure this, we work closely with farmers in our country.

Why choose online butcher de Woeste Grond?

Maybe you are wondering why you should choose an online butcher when there is just a butcher around the corner. However, what distinguishes us from 'regular' butchers is that online butcher de Woeste Grond originated from the goal of social profit. This means that within our company the profit motive comes second. We want to achieve this 'social profit' by leaving as positive an influence as possible on society in our country by offering organic meat. Organic means that during the 'production' of the grass-fed natural meat in our range, account is taken of the (negative) impact that meat production has on our country. Our company is committed to 'producing' grass-fed natural meat in an environmentally friendly and humane way. Animal welfare is therefore of paramount importance to us.

Besides the fact that animal welfare is of paramount importance to us, we also try to influence Dutch society in the most positive way possible. We are creating jobs in areas that are experiencing a shrinkage and are trying to offer everyone on the labour market an equal chance.

Opting for organic meat

Despite the fact that we, as an online butcher, do our bit for Dutch society, the vast majority of people come to us because they are looking for a good piece of organic meat. And we certainly have a good piece of meat. We think it is important that our customers know where the meat they consume comes from, which is why we only offer organic meat in our range. When you buy a piece of meat from the average shop or butcher, you often have no idea where this meat really comes from. In fact, the people who work there often can't even tell you. This is because the sale of organic meat has become a real mass industry. Because of this mass production, it is virtually impossible to find out exactly what kind of meat you have bought and how you have dealt with the organic meat.

For the above reasons, we actually advise everyone to choose either organic meat or grass-fed natural meat. By choosing this you benefit from a number of major advantages. For example, you are always 100% sure where the organic meat comes from and that the animals have been handled with care. In addition, you can be sure that the animals are only fed natural feed and are not crammed full of concentrates or antibiotics. When you choose De Woeste Grond as your online butcher, you can always be sure that you are getting grass-fed natural meat without any unpleasant side effects.

Filled with natural nutrients

Due to today's mass production, it is common for animals to be fed on concentrated feed to ensure that they grow faster and are therefore ready for slaughter sooner. In addition, it is also common for animals to be injected with antibiotics and we can assure you that this in no way improves the quality or taste of the meat. For this reason we, as online butchers, consider it very important that all animals are properly treated and fed. Because online butcher only offers organic meat from animals that have lived in the wild, you are assured of top quality grass fed natural meat that is not full of unnatural substances such as antibiotics.

The carbon footprint of us as an online butcher

The organic meat that you can order from online butcher de Woeste Grond comes from animals that are raised grazing. They live in large areas of nature in the province of Noord-Holland and these animals get their nutrients entirely from nature. So no manure and/or feed is stored to feed these animals. The manure from the animals is absorbed in nature and therefore no food needs to be produced for the animals. As a result, the 'carbon footprint' of these animals is much lower than that of animals originating from the bio-industry, for example. In order to exert the least possible pressure on our society, we aim to use 90% of the animals for the production of our organic meat. Normally around 70% of the animal is used to produce meat. So with online butcher de Woeste Grond you benefit from grass-fed natural meat as it should be.

Order your grass-fed natural meat online

We haven't been ordering organic meat online for very long and it might seem strange to you. But what if we now tell you that ordering organic meat online is actually very convenient? Simply take a look at our range of grass-fed natural meat and easily place the piece of meat you want in the shopping cart. Have you placed enough meat in your shopping cart? Then pay for the order and choose a convenient delivery time. In any case, online butcher de Woeste Grond assures you that you are ordering high quality meat for the right price. Choose online butcher de Woeste Grond and get the piece of organic meat you deserve.

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