Renal fat, unfused

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Suet from grass-fed cattle
In the past, a lot of frying was done in processed suet (ox white). Fortunately, it has made a comeback and is again being used in various kitchens. You can fry or deep-fry in it, but you have to melt it first.

Packaged per ± 500 grams.
Price per kg €9,50

100% grass-fed beef.

Cut the fat into very small pieces or grate it.
Use a simmering plate, a pan with a thick bottom and set the gas as low as possible, so that you can heat extra slowly. 
Melt the fat in the pan slowly, while stirring.
After a while, you will see that the fat melts more and more until there are small pieces left over that no longer really melt but instead become hard.
Pass it through a sieve and let it flow into a pot.
Put the lid on the pot and leave to cool.
Store ox-white at room temperature. Ox-white can be kept for a year.

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