Organic chicken legs A quality

Organic chicken legs A quality
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Chicken drumsticks
You can make delicious chicken stock from these organic runny feet / chicken claws. Chicken stock is a real pick-me-up and contains many vitamins and nutrients.

Packed per kilo gram.
Price per kg € 6.95

100% antibiotic-free chicken.


Remove 500 grams of chicken necks and one kilo of legs from the freezer and let them defrost in the fridge.
Put 2.5 litres of water in a soup pan and add the necks and legs.
Bring this to the boil with carrot, leek and onion and simmer gently (on a heat-distributing plate if necessary) for about 2 hours.
Pass the soup.

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Dutch agriculture




Slow growing, Hubberd variety


Country of origin




Slaughter age


70 days


Stocking density (hen/m2)


8 birds


Stocking density (kg/m2)


21 kilograms




Outdoor area


Outdoor area


4m2 per chick


Distraction material


Straw bales, straw cereals


Stable enrichment


Dry litter of wood chips, hiding places, tree, dust bath, perches


Fed with


70% cereals, 100% organic


Antibiotic use






Daylight + fluorescent light


Product name


Organic chicken


Quality mark


3 stars Better Life EKO





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