Wild salmon fillet - Copy

Wild salmon fillet - Copy
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Wild salmon fillet
With wild salmon fillet you can vary endlessly: salmon from the oven, smoked salmon, grilled salmon or processed in a creamy tagliatelle. Filleted and in slices of ± 200 grams.
Wild salmon swims in the waters off the west coast of North America, Canada and Alaska. The fish owes its deep red colour to the cold water in which it swims and which it feeds on shrimp, crayfish and other sea creatures. The flesh of this salmon has a fine structure, is full of special fats (including Omega 3 fatty acids) and has a fantastic taste.
The fish is line caught. This is a sustainable way of catching because it has hardly any bycatch. Another advantage is that the quality of the fish is exceptionally high. The salmon is MSC certified.

The portions (±200 grams) are packed per piece.
Total weight ± 1 kg, about 4-5 pieces.
Price per kg €44,22

100% Wild salmon.
This is not a by-catch: the salmon is sustainably caught and has the MSC-label


Brush the skin of the fish with a little olive oil and sprinkle the salmon with salt and pepper if necessary.
Heat some oil in a frying pan. Place the salmon slices in the pan with the skin on the bottom. Turn the heat down to half and gently fry the fish for a few minutes.
The edge under the skin of the salmon will turn a little white.
Turn the fish, reduce the heat to low and let it cook gently for another 4 to 5 minutes.
When the salmon is cooked, melt a few knobs of butter with the fish in the pan. The butter will mix with the fat from the fish, which gives an extra delicious taste.

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