Grasgevoerd Nagelhout in plakjes

Grasgevoerd Nagelhout in plakjes
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Grass-fed nail wood in slices
Nail wood is dried beef mouse. After cutting, the mouse is rubbed with salt, ground cloves, nutmeg and pepper and then dried. It looks a bit like smoked meat, but nail wood is only dried and not smoked. It is a traditional regional product from the east of the country.
In the webshop, you will find a number of whole mice, which are not too dry. So you can let the nailwood dry after your own taste. We also have thinly sliced spruce in the webshop. Delicious with tapas or drinks.

Packaged at ±100 gram.
Price per kg €49,50

100% Grass-fed beef, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves and Celtic sea salt.

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